My Master List of Species by AlyxVixen

The following list of species were developed by me for insertion into mah version of the Star Wars universe.
Most species are within human normal heights, those who aren't will have the average height noted.

Here we go...

Ajaba: A tribal species of feudal level Hyenas. 8-9 feet in height.
Akuchi: An aggressively expansionist hive-mind species based off both Mantises and Cockroachs. The more commonly seen soldiers are some 12 feet tall, and heavily built, consider them living tanks. The name translates out as Evil Soul. Darksiders.
Amaran: A space-faring species of advanced technological Rabbits, Highly scientific, 4-5 feet.
Apis: A species of Bovines, have a militaristic and shamanistic culture, 8-9 feet.
Ark: A species of clannish Armadillos. 7-8 feet.
Ashanti: A species based off Displacer Beasts. Skilled with Holography. Space-faring.

Badder: A clannish species of Badger. Culture based around mining. Space-faring.
Bandit: A Raccoon based species. Masters of stealth and infiltration. Space-faring
Blizzarian: A Husky race, they evolved on a world locked in an ice age.
Bufflar: A Buffalo based species. Culture is based off the more peaceful Native American tribes. 8-9 feet.
Bufotien: A species of golden skinned frogs, their culture is based around the worship of a Rain Goddess, and water.

C'tan: A Martial species of Space-faring Skunks.
Carrin: A species of Vultures. Exceptional medical skills... cleanliness is to be desired... Space-faring.

Daggette: A Cat species with a culture based around whaling, also pleasure seekers. Space-faring.
Dapan: A species based on Pandas. Have a martial culture. Space-faring.
Da'Vor: A space-faring species... Never seen out of their armour. Darksiders.
Deflaus: A Bat based species. Heavily into sonic based technology. Musical Culture. 4-5 feet
Delphinian: A species based off Orca. Tend to territorial. 7-8 feet.
Draconian: A race of Dragons. Their technology is focused around personal armour as the average member is the size of the average starfighter. Space-faring...
Draenei: Just my personal version of the Draenei, done as a near-human species. Added for completeness of list.
Drakkar: A draconic based winged near-human species, resemble anthropomorphic dragons of human size. Nordic style culture.
Dwarrow: A near-human species based off Dwarves. Space-faring. 4-5 feet tall.

Evaprak: A race of space-faring Lizardmen. Trader culture. 7-8 feet.

Fehnnik: A race of small slightly chubby Foxes. Culturally, could be described as Ferengi Kender. 3-4 feet.
Fenling: Space-faring otters. Very curious people.
Fens: A Stone-age race of Fish people. Amphibious.
Ferryl: A species of tribal Polecats. Shamanistic culture.
Foxen: A space-faring species of Fox. Their culture is hunter based clans, females have four mammaries. Foxen have to earn their full names.

Garthim: A Feudal age race of Lobstermen. Chivalric based culture. 20-30 feet long, 8-10 tall.
Ginko: A species of space-faring Red Panda. Taoist culture.
Gremlin: A small species of winged Jerboa. Have an overwhelming desire to dismantle and rebuilt technology... ANY Technology, also have an innate ability to build electrical charge within themselves.
Grendel: A species that resemble velvet furred well-built drow with fangs. Space-faring, despise darksiders with a fierce passion.
Grippli: A species of advanced Tree frogs. Tribal culturally. Have to wear fully enclosed encounter suits when dealing with non-grippli due to their toxic skin secretions. 3-4 feet.

Hebi: A species of four armed Orphidians (snakes).
Hinn: A near-human species based off Halflings. Trader culture. Space-faring. 2-3 feet tall
Homba: A space faring species of psionic winged Foxes with chameleonic fur. Renaissance culture.
Horridus: A species of reptilian looking cats with barbed skin, a poisonous bite and a tail sting. Very predatory.
Hyrax: A space-faring species of martial Elephants. Bushido Culture.

Incan: An Ant based species. Rumoured to be an "extended" hive-mind.

Jinka: A space-faring species based on Genets. Jungle dwellers.

Katkin: A species of psionic Cat ferals.
Katmandu: A species of space-faring tribal Cats. Based on Native Americans cultures.
Kerpka: A space faring species of Red Squirrels.
Kira-Mor: A clannish species of carnivorous celtic Pangolins. 8-9 feet tall, 15-20 feet long.
Kiradakash: A unusual species in that the females are all Feline in appearance, while the males are Lupine in appearance.
Kitsune: A species of space-faring highly technical Foxes with bushy tails. Immune to Electricity, their home system is within a Dyson Sphere.
Kodakin: A species of space-faring Bears, very peaceful in nature ( not pacifistic ). Scholars. Tend to be heavy-set, and stand 8-9 tall.
Kryn: A space-faring species made up of 11 species of Big Cat. Height depends on sub-species, ranging from 5 feet tall ( Bubasti ) to 11 feet ( Khara ). Species also dictates caste.

Lydian: A space-faring species of matriarchal Lemurs, culturally based off Ancient Greece.

Mithra: A species of space-faring Ki-rin.
Mouskar: A species of space-faring Harvest Mice.
Muntjac: A space-faring species of Deer. Culture is based on the Templars.
Musculupus: A species of space-faring Grasshopper Mice, live in co-operation with the Mouskar
Mystik: A “stone age” species of four-armed scaleless vegetarian Pangolins, strangely advanced in medical knowledge. Pacifistic, in the most part. Have a sub-species simply known as “Guardians”.
Mystral: A near-human species based off Elves. Culture similar to the Ithorians. Space-faring.

Neroo: A Space-faring species of Kangaroos, their technology is based around Cryogenics.

Ogryn: A near-human race based off half-Ogres. Feudal culture. 8-12 feet tall
Okear: A space-faring species based of various Shark species, fully Amphibious. Their ships tend to be liquid-filled, rather than have a gaseous atmosphere.
Ombra: A species of space-faring Alicorns. Mystical culture.
Osranii: A space-faring race made up of multiple species (28 presently). Arabian style culture, this race was inspired by Fur-Affinity-patpahootie ‘s Fangs of K’aath.

Plain Runner: A race of Horses, made up of three subspecies ( Shelty, Rabi, Kale ).
Pugan: A space-faring race of Welsh Wild Boar.

Reeb: A space-faring species of Mouse. The Reeb are cybergenetic in nature, due to an over-enthusiastic nano-virus intended to enable them to survival a natural disaster on their homeworld.
Reptus: A species of Orphidian slavers. Visually look like WoW naga, the females have snake like faces, rather than the humanish ones. Darksiders
Ripper: A feudal caste race of Kangaroos, warrior culture.

Shangtar: A race of pangolin-scaled Wolves. World is cold, primarily tundra and snow.
Silk: A species of Mink. Technology is designed to function above and below water without reduction of effectiveness.
Skoran: A species of Fox/Mice. Love to create convoluted, and sometimes misleading deals.
Slynx: A species of four armed Ocelot/Margay. Romani based culture, World has an elliptical orbit. Hair can be any colour, their spots bioluminesce, depending on mood.
Snark: A reptilian species based on Goanna. Good at miniaturisation of ship components.
Sparra: A feudal race of brightly coloured Eagles.
Speartooth: Species of neolithic Sabreteeth. Mah character Running Cloud is a member of this species. 6 1/2 to 9 feet tall.
Spalien: Large carnivorous Vampire Bats. Darksiders.
Squat: A near-human race based on Gnomes. Space-faring. 3-4 feet tall
Syroccan: A space-faring race of Jackals. Egyptian Culture.

Tabaxi: A race of Leopard people. African tribal based culture.
Targon: A highly intelligent race of Whales, they have no technological base. They swim through the atmosphere of their Homeworld, Huft (A Gas Giant).
Terragon: A space-faring species of anthropomorphic dragons. The females are lithe and have wings while the males tend to be large and heavy set. Mah characters Wyndryder and her sisters are members of this race.
Tharkoldu: A demonic looking winged near-human race, have a modular technology base. Space-faring.
Thranx: A militaristic race of space-faring Dragonflies.
Tier'shal: A near-human species based loosely on Drow (physically, not culturally). Use Arcanotech as their tech basis. Space-faring.
Trappist: A race of armoured elementals. Love traps and snares. Darksiders.
Tsanuri: A clan based species of space-faring rat explorers.
Turku Vaal: Clan-based near-human species based off Half-Orcs. Space-faring.
Twareq: A cat-like species of near-humans. Culture is a mix of Celtic and Egyptian.

Valkyrie: An Angelic-looking winged species of near-human. Theocratic culture. Space-faring.
Vark: A species based off Aardvarks. 7-8 feet.
Vyrmyn: A clan based species of space-faring rat slavers. Darksiders.

Wavedancer: A seal species. World has no large continents, just vast numbers of archipelagos and some large islands.
Waylander: A non-humanoid species, which physically resembles a serpentine form made of water, with a pair of red eyes. Despise Lightsabers for some reason.
Wolfen: A spare-faring species based from Dire Wolves. Their world has an elliptical orbit, giving it hot summers, and arctic winters. Stand 7-8 feet tall for the females, males 8-10 feet.
Wolfkin: A spare-faring race of Wolves. Immune to alcohol.
Wolver: A species based on Wolverines. Culture is Viking/Klingon based.

Taur Species.

Ailurian: Red Pandataurs. Peaceful Fengjian culture. Late Atomic/early Information technology.
Azeban: Raccoontaurs. Native American Culture. Pranksters.
Balumi: Sealtaurs. Stone age technology.
Bekos: Crocodiletaurs. Early Bronze Age technology. Darksiders.
Bracheron: Horsetaurs. Militant species, though not expansionist. Resembles a centauroid Shire Horse. Industrial Age technology.
Carcajou: Wolverinetaurs. Zulu culture.
Crassodon: Wolftaurs.
Crocuta: Hyenataurs.
Draig: Dragontaurs. Chivalric culture, feudal technology. Wingless, and the lower body is about the size of a rhino’s. Draconic head.
Dusicyon: Foxtaurs. Five subspecies ( Red, Fennec, Arctic, Swift, Zorro ). Have environmentally friendly power supplies. Taoist belief and culture.
Eskie: Huskytaurs.
Hyela: Deertaurs. Space-faring. Species has four sub-species ( Dupu, Capreol, Elaphus, Irilk ), Celtic Culture.
Loxodon: Elephanttaurs. Matriarchal society.
Muezzan: Cattaurs. Saxon Culture.
Nandian: Bulltaurs. Very Spiritual. Hindu Belief system.
Rasialian: A species of space-faring Skunktaurs. Their culture is Celtic based.
Scartos: Beartaurs. Aggressive hunter culture. View other sentients as prey species. Stand 10-12 feet in height. Heavily built.
Sylvil: Rabbittaurs. Pacifistic. Aboriginal Culture.
Tarkeenian: Ottertaurs.
Xerini: Squirreltaurs. Lower body is marmot-like. Terrestrial.

My Master List of Species


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