FC Preorders and streaming! by Kitsumi

Happy New Year guys!

I rang in the new year getting a thai massage with a friend, though I asked for medium hard and really regretted it. :X At one point I said 'can you go lighter?' and she dimmed the lights. Communication fail. I have been feeling a little nauseated since, and don't know if I ate something weird, am dehydrated, or my tenderized neck and surrounding muscles are contributing to it. My advice, go light, and you can always ask them to go harder. ;-;

I woke up this morning thinking about FC. :X Since being in school and taking a hiatus from cons, I didn't have much of a chance to create new work. Hoping to change that This year, though I don't have much time left for FC lol.

I am open for badge and sketch preorders for pickup at FC! Please email me asap to get your order in, my cut off date is Jan. 13th. special pre-order badge prices: $30 for kuwisu and MLP badges, $40 for standard. These will be $35 and $45 at the con!

I will be at Table #76! It is in the front row, right smack in the middle. Come and say hi! I will have original watercolor artwork in the show. :)

I will be streaming: Thursday, Jan. 8th at 11 am PST
Last day before FC: Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 1 pm to 9 pm PST

Lunch break at 12-12:45, dinner break at 5:30-7:30pm pst.

Optional stream days:
fri, Jan. 9th,
mon. Jan. 11th
I will stream on these days only if there are sketch orders placed. I can take more in stream also. For those that place an order, let me know what time you will be online.

Please place orders for sketches early if you can, currently I don't have any commissions queued up so I won't have anything to work on in stream. :X I will upload a streaming announcement in submissions when I'm live. :)

See you all soon, virtually or in person!


FC Preorders and streaming!


7 January 2015 at 09:44:55 MST

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