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2014, the year Pocket got his groove back. by Firehazard

Back when I first signed up with this site, I had a period where I felt reinvigorated to draw and post art regularly again. It's no secret that I hadn't been especially productive, art-wise, of late. It started wearing off pretty quickly, though. Let's face it, joining Weasyl was nothing like the experience of signing up on FurAffinity for the first time — discovering dozens of artists I'd never heard of before, browsing the latest posts until late into the night, getting lots of followers and finding lots of pictures to favorite or comment on... this place is practically a ghost town by comparison. I swear half the people I know from FurAffinity who joined have already given up on it.

And yet! Late in the year, something shocked me back to life. I don't know what it was; it just sort of happened all of a sudden, and now I've got a pipeline again. Just off the top of my head I've got five significant pieces of art in development and three more I intend to draw and post within this month alone. You haven't seen any massive art dumps from me because I've been bouncing around so much from project to project that I haven't had time to finish any of them, but trust me, it's coming. 2014 was already my most productive year since 2009 (not counting the webcomic that was still running in 2010), and if things keep up the way they have been, I might beat my record this year.

2014, the year Pocket got his groove back.


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