Happy New year 2015 by CaffeinePepTalk

2014 has been a difficult year with a lot of downs often out numbering the up's for me and just about everyone I know. This doesn't mean it's been a bad year just one with more problems to over come and I feel this has helped me improve overall as person for the better.

The year hasn't been all bad though. There's been a lot of good moments. I made it to Confuzzled which was fun and great to see friends at, I've got to meet and get to know more artist, fursuiter and dancers. I got to sit and watch all of the Godzilla films with my house mate was a lot of fun, It's also been great year for gaming. :D

I've got a really good feeling about 2015 and I've got a lot of goals that I hope to achieve. A few of which are to bulk up a lot, improve my art skill especially my digital art skills, meet and get to know more people. :D

So happy New year everyone and I wish you all the strength to see all your resolutions though as well as to face all problems and challenges that a waits for us all. Stay positive and don't let the good times be out shined by the negative ones. :3

Happy New year 2015


31 December 2014 at 17:12:03 MST

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