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Commissions are Opening Soon! What You Need to Know! by Dandylions

We are right on track to open on time for the new year!

Our open date and time is January 2nd at 4:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

We will be hosting a form for you to fill out. We do not want notes or emails at this time. A link to the form will be distributed when we open!

We will respond to submissions first come first served. If you are approved for a spot, we will send you a complete price list of addons to choose from and decide on a final quote.

The desired slot will be secured by a first come, first deposit received basis.

We expect to stay open for two weeks to allow for email discussions. However, we will stay open until we fill the entire 2015 calendar year.

Returning customers receive a 5% overall discount!

Have a reference sheet or clearly visible art ready! We will allow for artistic liberty requests, though they must first be approved.

January, February, and March are currently reserved. We are cleaning up our current queue in January and had a few friends and family requests for March and April.

A realistic schedule for a public opening would have our earliest slot to be started April 1st. We plan to take on 2 full suits per month, or a combination of partial, head only, and pieces commissions of equal work load in any given month.

We are excited to see what the new year brings!

Commissions are Opening Soon! What You Need to Know!


29 December 2014 at 14:48:56 MST

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