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Blinking Page Dolls! $3.00 to $5.00 by Genisay

Page Dolls are now available! I'm taking commissions to help keep me afloat while I'm temporarily out of work for the Holidays. I go back to work on Jan. 5th, but I'll be feeling my time off for almost a whole month after that. T.T

Will be accepting Paypal!

Please use this form when ordering, as it will help me quick reference each commission. Fill out the form and please email it to me at This makes organization easier.
If you are ordering more then one character, you can put the forms for them in one email, just please use more then one form.


Character Type: Male or Female

Character Pose by Type: 1. or 2.

Character Reference: (Links or descriptions. Note: If I have to piece together a character from references that are /not/ the character themselves, that will cost the amount of the Detailed
Character, because it will take me a lot more time to do. Thx)

Personality Details: (Optional, but it helps me figure out expressions and what not.)

Anything Else I Should Know: (Such as....if you have a specific place you intend to put this character, please either send me a sample image of the color, or let me know if it is light or dark so I know what kind of boarder to put on the character. If this isn't specified, I will just use a medium gray, as it seems to work the best with the Bitmaps so far)

Male Pose Type 1 Example:

Male Pose Type 2 Example:

Female Pose Type 1 Example:

Female Pose Type 2 Example:


Simple Page Doll: $3 USD

Detailed Page Dolls: (If you are not sure, I'll decide when I see the character If it should fit into this category)
$5 USD

Sorry about all of the links. If anyone know how to display thumbnails here on Weasyl, would you please let me know so I can make this easier to view? ^.^;

Blinking Page Dolls! $3.00 to $5.00


26 December 2014 at 12:36:44 MST

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