Help us make a Pawpet Show! by NordicFuzzCon

NFC is returning for its third installment, and yet... there is no pawpet show on the schedule! Blasphemy! We cannot have that... that lack of fuzzy entertainment. We must do something about it!

...and that is where you can step in!

Let me introduce you to an idea of mine and how we might get things rolling. I'll start with a short intro first and if you are interested you can continue reading for some details.

Pawpet shows originally tended to emulate or immitate the famous Muppet Show and some of them, especially in Europe, have become way over-the-top elaborate theater productions of storytelling while others sort of degradet into puppet lip-sync shows. Both are not what I'd like to see at a convention with the size and feeling of NFC! I'd like to go "back to the roots" and do a "variety show" type of program... with puppets... and Black Jack... and hookers... no, forget the hookers - I'd also like to keep the humor adult but family friendly ;)

What do I need to make this happen? Help! Help! and even more help! While I have done quite some puppetry work before (see my YouTube channel at for the list) - I just cannot and will not perform a live show on my own. To even try that would be burnout on my end and boredom on the audience end. I need a team! And that's when the "I" becomes a "We"!

If you are interested in helping out and would like to learn more, you can find more details over at the official NFC forum in this thread:

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested and how you would like to help out. Sorry for the short notice thing but I hoped to fill some spots from existing staff/volunteers but alas... it seems that I'm the only one bent on pawpet world domination. ;)

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Help us make a Pawpet Show!


25 December 2014 at 14:30:01 MST

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