Busy Bat Blurb! by Taw

It's been quite a while since my last journal update so I figured I'd blow the dust off my old one and throw a fresh one out!

I've been keeping myself fairly busy the last few months with various projects and such, which is one of the bigger reasons why I haven't been producing much art these days. Haven't really felt any motivation to keep working on my personal stuff, so I just haven't really gotten around to it. I do want to keep posting 3D art and various work when I can, I just don't know what I feel motivated to really work on in regards to it right now. @_@

In other news, an amazing job opportunity has opened up for me, and I'm going to be pursuing it and hoping that it works out well. It's a position in my industry that I'd love to do, and I have the experience for, so I've got my fingers crossed and I'm sorta excited to see where that takes me.

For a bit of bad news: My hard drive's failing! It's taking it ages to read files and some of my folders seem to be completely screwed up, so I ran some diagnostics and it's failed a lot of tests. Been worrying me, but I've gotten almost all my important things backed up. Will be replacing the drive today and doing a fresh install of everything I need and use regularly. So that means I may not be around much for a day or two!

Busy Bat Blurb!


12 December 2014 at 08:43:04 MST

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    Good luck with getting the job! And bah...hardrives. That seems to be the most common piece to burn out. I feel like I'm replacing one every year.

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      Thanks! Quite excited for it and I hope it works out well. :D And yeah, I've lost a ton of hard drives over the years. Surprisingly my laptop's hard drive is still kicking though, even though it's mostly corrupt and it can't boot windows. @_@ Was sad that my desktop's drive is failing though. :c

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    Congrats on the job opp! Hope it pans out.

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    Congratulations on the job!

    Best wishes with the hard drive, however. >_<

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    Best of luck, Taw!