Back from MWFF! by Rooibos

Hey!! So if you hadn't noticed by all the uploading I've been doing (sorry for the flood omg), I'm back from the con!

Therefore, I'm ready to get back on finishing the commissions I took BEFORE my con pre-orders! My apologies for the wait and I'm hoping to get those finished in a timely matter. If you have any concern about your place on the list/my progress on your commission, please check my Trello OR if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to comment or note me with them!

Also! I have uploaded all of my leftover merch from the con to my Storenvy shop, so check that out if you're interested! I've also uploaded a lot of the merch individually with links to the pages here on Weasyl.

Huge, HUGE thanks to anyone who purchased merch or commissions from Nettle and I OR just came up to say "hello"! I hope that, despite the incident on Saturday, everyone had a really great con and a safe trip home!

Back from MWFF!


11 December 2014 at 18:20:24 MST

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