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Why I decided to start a Patreon Account by foxboy83

So, after some comments caused me to do some research yesterday I thought it would be best if I explain my thoughts on the subject and how that will affect my presence on Weasyl.

  1. Why I decided to create the account in the first place:

I am using Patreon as a vehicle to help me achieve my dreams and goals for my life. With enough support I would be able to finally do what I have always wanted to ever since I was a little boy; illustrate my own comics and cartoons. Although I do have tons of support here. (I honestly appreciate every single friend, commissioner, watcher, and comment-er.) Doing commissions and having auctions only provides me money when I do those things. And I do this full time so I can help support my family but in doing these, I don't have time to work on my own projects.

I have some really great ideas that I think you all would enjoy but I haven't been able to create them nor do I feel motivated or inspired to create my own work when I have spent all day creating others ideas. With your support on Patreon I will still get paid to create my own ideas. (I will continue to take commissions on here no matter what!) That's more beneficial for you in the long run because who doesn't want to read a comic about amazingly sexy vixens who are assassins, or watch how a romance between friends unfolds in a weekly comic? There is so much I am involved in that I want to create for you guys, but I just don't have the time due to financial reasons.

Besides the reasons above, ultimately I want to work with the woman who quit being a stay at home mom to help me live my dream. My wife works so hard at a job she can't stand because she wants to see me happy. With your support she will be able to quit and work with me full time so we can create even more amazing content for you and travel to more conventions so we can meet you. She writes for me, colors for me, and does a whole lot of other stuff for my business when she is not at work. I really want to see her happy and finally have her home with me, I see Patreon as a way for that to happen.

  1. Will you stop posting and taking commissions on here?

NO! If you look at my Patreon goals I state the amount of exclusive works that will be created. I will always open up for work on here. You guys are like my family and I would never just abandon you because I get paid more to do what I love. Would I like your support on Patreon? Yes, because it gives me hope that I can be an inspiration to others when they enjoy what I have created. But I will still post my creations on here, and be active on here.

  1. What if I want to support you but can't afford it?

You can pledge as little as $1 per month to support me and be able to view the Patreon exclusive items. (for example my comic, although some of it will be on here to view the whole thing you will have to sign up.)

If you can't or won't support me on Patreon, I understand. You can support me other ways, constructive criticism, faves, comments, and shares are also much appreciated!

I hope this helps you to have a better understanding for my actions and to see where I am coming from. If you have any questions note me or comment below. If you get the time go check out my page! my wife worked all day on her day off to create it.

Also to enter my raffle to win $200 worth of art and comics go read this journal. (So far only one person is entered; I'd say those are some pretty good odds!)

Why I decided to start a Patreon Account


11 December 2014 at 17:04:32 MST

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