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Doing Commissions to pay the rent! by KittyDoggie

Just what it says! I want to make rent this month, so I need to get some commish money going!

My pricings are simple:
Sketch is $5
Ink is $15
Color is $30

If you want a background or another character, just add the full price. So a color commission with two characters would be $60.

I also draw dragons from Flight Rising, and will do avatars and badges!

Thanks for your time!

Doing Commissions to pay the rent!


6 December 2014 at 15:19:57 MST

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    I may be interested in commissioning from you but can I ask on what sort of content you draw?

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      Just about anything you want. On my own, I tend to draw SFW, cute stuff, but I'll draw nudity and other things, too. I personally really like drawing cartoony lately, but will try about any style. I like trying out different things, even if it's not what I'm into.

      About the only things I will not draw are scat, watersports and cub porn (Babyfur is okay, just as long as it is not pornographic). Send me a note telling me what you're looking for, and I'll tell you what I can do.