Implementation of secrets by Onic

As I continue to push forward in my online endaevors, I realize there is a requirement I am not following which would aid in the achievement of my goals.

Presence: the consistent activity online through submissions, comments, and other content is crucial to propagating my music through the fandom and eventually gaining the attention of those who inspired me. I am not on Weasyl of FurAffinity often enough to earn this attention, nor do I dedicate enough of my time to my craft that I can expect to improve and keep turning out new songs to share. This will not do. I can whine and wimp out by providing excuses some find valid, but that does not change the fact that I am not satisfied yet.

Let's see how this week turns out, perhaps I'll find that drive to create.

Implementation of secrets


20 January 2013 at 12:15:23 MST

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    Update: after an evening out I am finally home, in my room, with the makings of a new song at my fingertips. It's like finally getting a deep breath. Keep an ear open.