Terms Of Service

By Commissioning me you agree to the following Terms Of Service. These terms are subject to change at any time.

My Rights

1.) I reserve the right to decline any commissions for no reason more then I don’t feel like doing it. Please respect that as an artist, sometimes I just don’t feel up to certain ideas. This does not necessarily mean I will NEVER take a certain idea (unless I specifically tell you).

2.) I reserve the right to repost any works commissioned to me for advertisement purposes to sites including but not limited to Furaffinity, DeviantArt, Weasyl, and Sofurry. Character copyright credit etc. will of course be given.​

3.) I DO NOT work with strict deadlines. I’m sorry, I have a Full time Job. So I may be unable to work some days. I don’t like to work under pressure.. HOWEVER, if you ​need something done by a certain date (like a birthday gift art) As long as I have at least 1 week... I should be able to get it done.

4.) My art is not to be resold for any form of profit whatsoever, if you commission me for a piece of art, it’s for you. You are not allowed to turn around and sell it for profit. If you purchase an adoptable and wish to sell it later it must be sold for the price of purchase or less. If you were given an adoptable for free it must be given away for free.​

4.1) Exception if you bought or have additional artwork of an adoptable you may sell said adoptable for a higher price HOWEVER that prices MUST be fair.
If you are unsure how to price Please note me <3

5.) I am no longer accepting Second Life Ref sheets to use for artwork. I would rather have a colored sketch as a ref or several pictures then try and see the dark tones on Second Life Ref sheets and try and get correct markings and colors.

6.) Any art you wish to have drawn by me must be within proper copyright. I will not do art of someone else's character without their permission as well. (Surprise gifts for friends can be negotiated)

Commissioner Rights

1.) A commissioner may of course repost their commission, I only ask to be credited as the artist and have the original linked in return.

2.) A commissioner may ask for me to hold a slot for them. This hold will be a maximum of 48 hours. After this time period if the commissioner has NOT contacted me about the commission slot, the slot will be available again. (I will not hunt you down when your hold is up and ask for payment!)

3.) Work in Progress (WIP) checks can be provided but MUST be discussed beforehand and are the responsibility of the commissioner to express interest in and/or request.

3.1) I do not provide WIP's for sketches.



2.) I send invoices! I usually ask for payment upfront or after the sketch is completed. When I send the invoice I will not continue working on your art until you pay it. (example: you commission me and receive an invoice on Monday but do not pay until Friday I will NOT work on your art until Friday. ) ​

2.1) Payments for commissions MUST be paid UPFRONT in Full Before I will start working! OR After the sketch is approved (This must be requested at the time of the commission)

2.2) Taxes

  • Taxes 2.9% PLUS 0.30 service fee per transaction

3.) Any cancellations must be made prior to the start of a commission. Any cancellations after work has already begun will incur a fee upon the commissioner based on the amount of work already completed.

(IE: If a commissioner wants a full color full shaded piece but cancels part way through coloring the piece they will only be refunded for the completed line art based on standard line art price indicated in my commission guide.)​


1.) I am more than willing to stream any and all commissions! I do work a full time job so we will have to negotiate times for streaming your commission, however if you only want your commission done in stream it will take longer to complete!

2.) If you do not want your commission streamed for whatever reason PLEASE TELL ME UPFRONT!


1.) I have a PUBLIC Commission Queue.
It can be found here:

2.) I May or Maynot work in order of commissions slots I have taken. This is because I may have two full color 3 character commissions ordered before a simple colored Bust commission, since the bust commission will not take long I would probably get that done first so I can focus on the other commissions.

3.) I update my trello Queue as I go, I often will attach files to each card as proof of what has been completed, exception to this is if the commission was asked to be private like gifts for friends.

Things I Will Draw
(Subject to Change)

  • Females

  • Males

  • Any Sexual orientation

  • Herms

  • She Males

  • Anthro

  • Human

  • Feral

  • General to XXX Rating

  • Most Fetishes

Things I Will NOT Draw
(Subject to Change)

  • Scat

  • Water Sports

  • Hyper things (meaning I will NOT draw hyper fat, muscular, pregnant, genitalia/ breasts)

  • Diaper Furs

  • Maco/Micro (Please ask about your idea )

  • Extream Gore



1.) You may resell for what you paid for it or less.
1.2) If the adoptable comes with additional art/crafts you may charge more BUT must be a fair price

2.) You may trade them for something else.
2.2) Trades MUST be fair to both parties

3.) You may make edits BUT ONLY ON NEW ARTWORK!

4.) You may repost with proper credit. I actually encourage this.

5.) You may NOT resell the designs for more than what you paid for them. (See stipulations above in 1-1.2)

6.) Do NOT make drastic edits to the design. . (Missing limbs and other appendages are okay)

7.) DO NOT BUY AN ADOPT FOR FODDER! (meaning do NOT buy a character from me if they are just going to be killed/eaten by other characters)

8.) You may NOT change imperative traits to my closed concepts!! Please stick their species guidelines unless otherwise stated!

9.) You may NOT edit or alter MY original artwork or design!
9.1) if you would like small changes to the original (ie: eye color/ add or remove a small marking) you MAY request so AT TIME OF PURCHASE! (I cannot guarantee I will have the original file later on!)
9.2) You MAY request large edits to be made to adopts (ie gender change, main color change) for an additional fee that we will agree upon

These may be updated later



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