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MFF meme! by Cyrin

Counting down til Wednesday! Let's do this thing :D

Staying at:
The Hyatt, probably in the Executive Wing

How are you travelling?
Flying in via Sydney, Dallas and then finally O'Hare.

Who are you rooming with?
inari alkora and aerak

Who will you be with?
Squeaky furs, cetaceans and anyone else I happen to know :)

Where will you be? How is the best way to find you?
I should be in and around the convention space during the daytime, and wherever the action is during the night. The best way to find me is to call or text my US number (let me know if you need it) - I will also be checking twitter, but that will depend on how good the wifi is. If you can't reach me, I may be in fursuit or off-premises.

What do you look like?
5'10, medium build, very short brown hair, green eyes, soul patch. Look for the badge!

What is your gender?
Male (duh, pretty obvious)

How old are you?

Are you mated/in a relationship?
To use a cliche, it's complicated

Can I talk to you?
Of course you can, that's what furry cons are for :P

Can I hug and/or snuggle you?
In fursuit, yes. Out of suit, if we know each other. No harm in asking!

Are you nice?
No, i'm an asshole.
...of course i'm nice :P

Are you cliquey?
I tend to hang around with furs that I already know, but I won't try to blow people off if they're not part of a particular group. In short, don't worry about it :)

Are you fursuiting?
You bet your sweet squeaky butt I am :) Aiming to suit up at least once per day of the con.

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
I respond to my furry name if called (more than my RL name, actually!).

Can I ask you to dance with me during the dances?
I'm not really the dancing type.

Can I buy you drinks?
I will not stop you :D This is a dickish question though, nobody buys other people drinks at cons. I will drink WITH you, absolutely :)

Do you attend parties?
Yes I do! When there are several parties happening on the same night, I try to at least poke my head in for a short while.

Can I take your picture?
In fursuit, yes. Out of suit, ask me first. I would appreciate it if you sent me a copy/link or tagged me afterwards - ask me for a card if you need my contact details.

What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
I checked off a lot of my first-time convention goals over the last few years, so this con is all about enjoying myself and making the most of my last trip to the US for the immediate future. I don't want to waste any of my time, and I want to catch up with as many furs as possible.

MFF meme!


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    I knew there'd be at least one person going that I heard from but would forget by the time the con was nearby. I forgot to keep a mental note for all these months >.<

    See you there!