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On the choo choo ~~~~ by Tiido

So I am on the train, on my way to the event :D

Free WiFi on the train aswell as power sockets ! Last time I was on one I watched Doffa's stream, and all was fine and dandy until a whole bunch of school kids came in from a stop and took out their phones... then the stream got choppy lol.

I'll be on the train for about an hour. I got new batteries for this tabletlaptop too, I can easily work 2 hours with it now on one charge :D

Unfortunately I cannot draw, not sex stuff anyway hahahahaha. I actually did manage to work on my ref earlier, here's the WiP image of the ref if you are curious :
There's definitely stuff under the nope-face, other question is if that stuff will ever be seen lolololololololol

I am sleepy and a bit tired. I am not sure how this day is gonna pan out. it will certainly be awesome, I just hope I am not too tired as it goes by hahahahaha.

I also ate the remaining cake and two packs of instant noodles. There's 4 packs left. They will be consumed when I get back home tomorrow evening or night, not sure when the day ends exactly. There's a good chance it goes on in unplanned manner hahahahah.

I babble so much like I am drunk, but no, I am not. But I am tired, my brain is in overdrive when I am tired.

Mjäu creature out ~~~~~

On the choo choo ~~~~


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    O.O You are drawing sexy stuff?
    Draw me lol.

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      Those are fantasies that get drawn, and I will not put you in them.

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        Oh, sorry.

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          Nothing against you or anyone else, I just won't draw my catman with someone who I am not in intimate relationship with. I would not think you'd appreciate that anyway.
          Chanrom has chosen to do things still lol, but he seems to do all the things I like and Jensin is really hot lol.