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So, on my recent picture, I mentioned that I was going to get rid of some of these reference sheets.

As I was away from drawing, my characters started to change. Because I've been through changes in my life. I would say that they are much more detailed than they have ever been.

This means, I'm getting rid of the old designs of characters that I created before or during 2013 in order to continue my artistic growth. I look at a lot of the pictures I've drawn, and each time I look, the majority of them were drawn out of impulse; there wasn't really that much thought into it. I just pumped out art like it was nothing.

And that's what lead me to stop drawing for a while.

I was running out of ideas. Or rather, I didn't really have any ideas aside from the few pictures I drew. It burned me out. I had to take a break from it. But now, I'm actually back in action. In the swing of things. And I'm ready to put my art back out there and network with it more.

Yeah. So that's the deal. I'll keep the pictures I like in my gallery; the others? They'll just get deleted. My characters page is in progress and, so far, it is up-to-date. There will be no changes to that.

Please bear with me as I make some more changes over here that'll suit me better as an artist. Thank you <3




25 November 2014 at 21:46:06 MST

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