Sinning is a Virtue! by Velryn

I suppose I'm just making this for a record type thing. I submitted an idea earlier including the Seven Deadly Sins in a character project I am now calling Sinning Is A Virtue. I adore creating characters and recently I experienced a character block. I just couldn't create a new one to save my life. My roommate and I watched Se7en (I had seen it upwards of ten times); it inspired this project completely.

I've always loved the Seven Deadly Sins, so those were easy for me to adapt from... but the Virtues I added as a challenge to myself. One, I believe, I've overcome very effectively. I know a lot of people have done similar themes. But what I believe makes mine different is I have my own adaption for each one that differs from the modern interpretation sometimes. Not to mention the only thing that links the characters in this project are their Sin/Virtue base. None of them interact with one another, some are anthro and some are human, some are in horror fantasy and some are in a normal setting.

So, thanks to this personal challenge, I have 14 new characters in the making. I'm super excited and I'm already working on the first Virtue (Charity) and the first Sin (Sloth).

Sinning is a Virtue!


24 November 2014 at 17:38:03 MST

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