Paper Bag on [adjective][species] by JM

Last week on [a][s] we featured a very professional and engaging 15-minute film about furry. The filmmaker is a French fur who goes by Panda Man over on FA (

I think the film is terrific, as does Makyo, as does pretty much everyone I shared it with. We decided to make two posts - the first featuring the film, the second an interview with Panda Man himself.

It was fun and also quite exciting. Paper Bag is something new and I expected it to generate an interested response, and be shared around.

And... it wasn't. Neither the film nor the interview received any comments, the links weren't shared around on Twitter, a Reddit thread on /r/furry received no attention at all, and that was that. Why? No idea. Maybe a 15-minute film is too long to engage someone casually browsing the internet?

Did any here watch Paper Bag? Any thoughts?

Paper Bag on [adjective][species]


23 November 2014 at 06:08:29 MST

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    I hadn't known it was there.

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      Take a look on if you're interested. Curious as to your thoughts.

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        Pretty darn good. I like how he did the film and just in general he did a great job with that.

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          I thought so too, which is why I expected it to be shared around. I can't always tell what articles on [a][s] will pique people's interest, but the lack of interest in Paper Bag surprised me.

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    Somehow I saw no announcement or link to that posting. However, in my case the issue isn't attention span but rather bandwidth. Streaming or downloading 15 minutes of video here is costly and will likely take a couple of hours. So no, I wouldn't have looked.