The last 1000% free request stream by Nsyse

Endterms are coming, plus I joined my first videogame-making team (that I wish not to disappoint), so I'll reserve my sundays for schoolwork and that side project for a while.

Tomorrow's stream (22nd nov) will be held as usual @ 14-18 EST (More or less) and will be the last of the completely free live request stream (at least for a while).

Starting after the endterms (towards the end of december), I'll try my own twist on the feared "Pay What You Want 'Commissions'". It'll be : "Pay What You Want; If You Want; Once I'm Done" or PWYWIYWOID for short. It doesn't mean I won't draw for free, just that I'll basically be taking tips, since I'll still pick which "request" I draw.

Also, I >MIGHT JUST POSSIBLY< start selling offline commissions in the distant future, basing the price on the tips I receive.

Alsoso, if anyone wants to fite me, here's my sm4sh 3DS code: 5129-1479-0968 I'll rek u, no items, serious stages only

The last 1000% free request stream


22 November 2014 at 17:22:28 MST

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