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AMA by Idun J. Fox

Ask me or any of my characters, such as Kairune, Niju, Orange, Beta, Scamp, Knave, or again, myself, anything.

If you want. Also, still taking Sketchmissions for $5-$10 for those interested.



Idun J. Fox

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    I'm kinda interested in one, if you don't mind. Probably showing me getting snagged by a roller press by my tail... my tail is so long it causes me problems some times XD

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      I almost thought you were posting this as a question, then I remembered the sketchmissions blurb! Sure thing, just send me a PM about any details you want to work out for it.

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        Oops, I shoulda been more clear... Sorry ^^; PM sent

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    Now if you don't mind, I will ask you a couple questions. :3
    To Kairune: Are you responsible in anyway for most of the odd things that happen to your roomie Niju? You seem to be around to collect him up every time.

    To Niju: What's it like in Kairune's satchel?

    To Idun (the artist): What is your favorite kind of flattening?

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      Kairune: Of course not! Only the rare few, really. I'm typically just there to save him.

      Niju: It's infinite...

      Favourite would beeee pancake/disk shape. Simple and easy and fun. And now I will entomb myself in blankets and sheets.

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        Do you think I could grab me a sketch (maybe a colored sketch) of me getting hammered into a disk?

        Also I kind of want to try being run through a taffy puller..... XD

        This is your fault, now I'm addicted to these toony tfs and stuff... >.>