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Do you guys want adopts? +uploading art by Kamakru

2nd time posting this journal - it really glitched out the first time o_O

I usually only post adoptable auctions on FurAffinity,

but it seems like the site doesn't work a lot of the time. I have an adoptable auction that will be going live on Saturday - should I post it here too?

You may have also noticed that I've started to upload more art again! FA has been going down a lot, and it has been feeling less stable lately. I still really like this site, I just haven't been able to keep up with all of the different sites and I thought FA was a good focus. I guess what I'm saying is I need to not put all my eggs in one basket lol.

Do you guys want adopts? +uploading art


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    I say why not upload them? It's a really different crowd here but, doesn't hurt

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      Yeah I decided to post it here with links to the other auctions as well. Sometimes it just gets hard for me to keep up with bids being placed on three different sites lol.

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        Well if nothing else you could post to advertise on both but redirect to the other