Sewing Machine Broke, Offering Discounts to get it Fixed! by ShortStackStudios

Sadly, my sewing machine bit the dust last night, and I need to have it repaired. I'm not too sure what's wrong, but as I was sewing last night something flew out of it and it made a horrible sound. I thought it just hit one of the pins I forgot to take out, but then I found half of a bent washer. I opened the machine up, looked at everything and cleaned it, but for the life of me I couldn't find out where it had come from/why it came out. I thought I put everything back in it's place and tried to sew, only to be met with a VERY LOUD few thuds and now a dent is in the metal plating. Not knowing what is wrong at this point and being too scared to try to fix it again, I'm left with two options.

That being said, I need to replace or repair my machine. I currently have one that works, but it's really hard to get fur through it. I can complete the few things left for MFF but I can't use the machine much as it is to be sold soon because it has such a hard time taking fur. Because of that, I'm in a position where I NEED to have my machine repaired, but I also have to pay off my lawyer and his check just went out.

I'm willing to offer discounts and free shipping (depending on location) in order to raise money to get it fixed. This machine is what makes me my money to be able to pay rent, eat, have running water, ect. So this is very important to have fixed. The items being discounted are 2 coloured tail, paws, Arm sleeves, and bandannas. I'm only open to bandannas until the end of the year, but I'm having to keep them open in hopes it will help me get the funding needed to get it repaired or replaced. Free shipping will be inside of the US only, sorry for all you UK furs, it's just super expensive to ship out there.

If you're interested, please comment below or email me at Thank you all so much!

Sewing Machine Broke, Offering Discounts to get it Fixed!


18 November 2014 at 16:56:00 MST

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