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DTD Rules by ShortStackStudios

New rules:
*DTD's MUST be taped back together, NEATLY, before being shipped to me! If a DTD arrives that has not been taped together or has been taped back together weakly (as in it will break apart if I stuff it) You will be charged a $50 service fee for me having to take my time and materials to assemble it.

Amended rules:
*DTD's must be at LEAST three layers thick. If they are too thin they tend to fall apart and stretch making them useless. Note: if you hold them up to the light and can see any light coming through them they are too thin! You should not be able to see any of the material from the painters suit coming through the tape. Another way to know if it is too thin is if it doesn't weigh anything. DTD's should take up at LEAST four standard rolls of duct tape.

*The DTD is REQUIRED to go down over your heels at the least. The entire foot is preferred.

Please note that these are from Keeatah's page but will now apply to all future DTDs coming to me. I have asked to copy and past it, and she has given me the okay to do so. Her journal can be found here :

While these are her rules, they are very good rules and will now be put into place for ShortStackStudios. If you have any questions, please feel free to note or comment.

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