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More Places to Find Me! by Leilia

I have been bad about updating Weasyl lately, and I apologize for that! I'm still here, I just tend to procrastinate on getting nice photos taken and edited to post here(it's my least favorite part of making sculptures!). If you like work in progress photos, doodles, and other things I am working on, here are a few places I'm a bit more active:

Intagram: LeiliaClay (
I am probably most active here. It is easy to upload to through my phone, and I like the commenting and feedback system better than some other social sites. I also post doodles, commissioned art from other people, and doggy pictures here from time to time. Come follow me, I'd love to have more Insta friends! :D

Tumblr: LeiliaClay (
Purely sculpture blog. Lots of work in progress photos and such. Also happy to answer most asks regarding my art. :) I also have a personal Tumblr blog, all of my posts from the art blog are cross-posted there, but I also share doodles, art from other artists, dog pictures, life stuff(very rarely), and anything else I feel like. :) If you want to follow that blog, is is LeiliaK

Twitter: LeiliaK (
Work in progress photos, announcements, dog photos, life stuff, random thoughts, etc.

I have a backlog of sculptures I need to post here, and am working on quite a few at the moment as well. I'll try to get them posted soon!

More Places to Find Me!


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