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Blarg by Pizza Wolf

So I really only write this stuff when I'm tired. Or...something.

Anyway. Things are really busy at the tire place. We have about 30 orders up open to close. It's insane. But I've Stockholm syndromed into loving it there. I actually enjoy the co workers. Kind of in a way that the gulag prisoners might like a gaurd that doesn't beat them as often. It's fun. No really it is.

One of the newer guys likes to fabricate and weld things. And that was handy with my brothers supra project. I'm actually one of the senior tire techs. Which is scary. Because I've only been there one year.

And I supposedly get 401k nowadays as well as medical. Which is awesome. Wait. That's old people stuff....

I think my hip just popped. Is that why old people aren't hip?

So yeah. Young people stuff.

Ummm. Cool. Yo. Diggity.

Shit. I'm getting old.


Pizza Wolf

17 November 2014 at 22:25:28 MST

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    -gives Muffins-

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      Oooh! Muffin!! I actually really like getting muffins nowadays.

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        Good, cause muffins are best!

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    hey, getting old happens. just enjoy the youthful exuberance while you's hell when you wreck your back.

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      Yeah it does. I'm trying not to run myself into the ground quite so quickly.