Butt Update x..x by VinVulpis

SO, no surgery yet. doctor says the thing needs to heal more from Friday night's flare-up before he can decide what to do with it. He just repacked the wound and told me I'm gonna be doing a few return visits.

Apparently I'm gonna have a little cotton tail for a few weeks, it'll be the same deal after I get the surgery I think. This stupid cyst is gonna be an ordeal for the next few months. Though, it does feel a bit better today after I got used to the new packing. I can sit on a pillow comfy enough without a pain killer. If anything, a simple advil or something will do the trick.

It's a good thing I quit the over night job shit. I wouldn't have been able to do it in this condition. So yeah, if you have commission work for me, keep it coming! DX

Butt Update x..x


17 November 2014 at 15:40:00 MST

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