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HI I KNOW I'M BASICALLY DEAD HERE but if you're interested in one of my species, please read below and head over to my furaffinity! (I'm scowl)

hi! i'm going to leave this brief but either later today to the next few days I will be opening slots for a myo contest! The amount of people are indeed limited to 25. All you have to do is comment for a slot!

so in celebration of some recent milestones, i'm having a myo contest nqn

some quick comments:
there aren't really any rare traits for my species when it comes to myos, so it's anything goes so long as you're not piling on uncommon traits! do your distribution tastefully.
there will not be any info sheets released in time for this-- my apologies! I'll have a journal which will specify variations by example put up before then for bellfoxes and charms, since they're the only two with fleshed out edits.
SHOULD all 25 slots be filled, there will be 5 winners! Otherwise, there will only be 3. (and if less than 5 slots filled, only 1.)
one entry per person this time, sorry!
If you win, you get your design for free! Pretty neat, right?
If you dont, however, you still have the option to officialize your design for $10-- which is half what is charged for set price adopts.
If you don't have the money to make your design official right then, you have a 1 month period to do so starting after the winners are announced!

After 3 days of open slot claiming, the 2 week period begins to create a design. slots can be claimed up to the last moment if they're open, but keep in mind to act fast because i need to be shown the design before the time is up!

The designs will be deposited in a dropbox and then judged my myself and morgan.
we will be judging based on a mix of art, design, and story. You dont have to chose all 3, but they do heighten your chances!
entries may be traditional so long as you create a digital color palette AND the markings are completely legible.

Winning designs and paid for designs will be deposited in a different dropbox for reference!

If i'm missing something important, please mention it below and i will answer!!



10 November 2014 at 10:09:57 MST

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