I think I got it! :D by Narcotic-Sprinkles

Well, I'm pretty sure I understand Weasyl now. C: So, a journal sounds good!

Thank you for coming to my page, and I'll try to keep up with posting here. C:

(and now to waste time with a little meme thing lol)

  1. What you like to be called:
  2. What you do (profession, hobby, major, etc):
  3. One interesting fact about yourself:
  4. Favorite animal:
  5. Favorite movie or video game:
  6. Strangest thing you've ever eaten:
  7. Currently listening/the last thing you listened to:

1: I typically like Narco, or Narc. My real name is a bit personal. C:>

2: I'm working from home as an artist, but soon gunna be part time at Michaels.

3: Interesting Fact? uhm....idk. lol I'm not that interesting???? XD

4: Axolotls, sharks, cheetahs, etc.

5: Movie's gotta be LOTR, Doomsday, and a few others I can't remember. XD Favorite games are Mass Effect, Dragon's Dogma, Dead Space, and DragonAge.

6:Chicken hearts and rice, apparently. tastes amazing though.

7: Blackmill- Evil Beauty. This song, I just- I don't even know how many times I can say that I love it. lol

I think I got it! :D


9 January 2013 at 18:28:40 MST

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    I, too, love Blackmill to pieces. Glad he's getting more and more exposure!