Happy Halloween by Thestory

One of the most exciting Holidays though under celebrated. I love dressing up, and I love creeping people out whether or not intentionally. I also like spoiling kids with sweets because I'm lame like that. I'd rather dress up at home and mess with kids then go out to a party.

However I did go to The Magic Castle yesterday which has been dressed up for Halloween all week. Magicians just seem perfect for the holiday. There were lots of deliciously dangerous drinks, good food, and awesome performers in a more intimate setting. Hollywood traffic is as enraging as ever though.

So how are you celebrating? What are you dressing up as, if you are at all?
I'm on my second year of throwing on my Victorian era clothes. I have a nice Charles Hubert pocket watch to go with it now thanks to my sister last Christmas. I'm going to have to expand my wardrobe soon however. Must get some different trousers, shirts, ties, and coats. Not to mention I need a better top hat and shoes to match the mostly accurate attire. Then next, maybe I'll get something more Regency. So many choices...

Happy Halloween


31 October 2014 at 14:39:50 MDT

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    Thanks! I'm dressing up as a knight from Ponty Python with a bloody stuffed bunny.