Game Making Stuff, Stage/Town Cameos, and Commissions by VinVulpis

I've come along with a couple things to post about.

One of the big things is that I'm looking to poke around for programming talent, or at least some feedback on a platform adventure project I'd like to start, featuring critters like in the art I've posted around. It's to be primarily a platformer, but will some fighter/beat'em up (Like Streets of Rage) type games. Set in a celestial fantasy universe, the story will be about the a couple characters and their friends struggling to survive and save their endangered worlds from doom. You will meet to allies and take control of them to help along your adventures, all with there own unique move-sets and abilities.

Many of ya may know already that I'm an animator and seek to make this my main roll in a project like this, aside from managing the project all around.

If anyone would be interested in helping out, or at least pointing me in some of the right directions. It'd be much appreciated.

As a sort of back-up plan, I'm looking into Game Maker as some have reccomended I check out. It's apparerntly gotten decent ove rthe years and supports multi-platform releases and is easy for programming novices like myself to pick up. My programming skills are basic, and I've only every made anything from scratch in python... I know mugen's deal inside and out... but that's barely programming. :/

Tips? ideas? Interest?

IN RELATED GAME NOTES, I'm willing to start taking stage cameo work now too. I still plan on porting some of my work into mugen as well as making stages. I'd like to populate those stages, BUT, I also have the idea of doing a similar thing with towns and NPCs in the adventure game once that gets rolling, depending on the avenue I take! I need the help either way, so if you'd like to support my game making endeavors, please donate in at least $50 for a spot and I can toss ya in for a simple MUGEN stage slot. I'm not sure how to handle the other things yet, but will make announcements once I do.

I'm also trying to give the full-time artist thing a go for a month to see what I can turn up and I'm looking to take up as much work as possible. I have a pricing list ( ).

I work mostly in traditional work, like above. I often do a little bit of digital work combine with my traditional works, adding in some effects and color. I also do pixel art, and animation (of course :3).

So... that just about sums it all up. Any kind of help anywhere would be much appreciated!

...also, as a side note... I can do badges too. I have the laminating supplies, though, Furpoc is kinda close, so I -could- do some simpler sketch badges if ya wanted one for the con, could do them cheap too.

Also, see all of you there, who will be going this weekend~ BAI NAO

Game Making Stuff, Stage/Town Cameos, and Commissions


29 October 2014 at 23:28:29 MDT

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    I've made some basic stuff in Game Maker, though it was a while ago. I thought it was alright at the time. Lately I've been dipping my toes into Unity, which runs off of C#, JavaScript, and Boo. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a programmer (I even got stuck on one of the Hack and Slash puzzles), but it does seem relatively simple so far, and there is a lot of support in the Unity community. Check it out and see which of the two you like more.

    I've also heard that the Unreal Engine is pretty rockin', but haven't tried it, myself.

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      Well, the big thing is that I'm looking to make this 2D and sprite based. Unity seems a bit over my head, but gamemaker is apparently a lot bigger than it used to be, but still approachable for novices... And had multi-platform licenses too.

      Programming in the big picture is really intimidating for me. It's why I'm hoping I might get some help if I can't find something I could figure out. x.x

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        Unity supports 2D as well. I'm aiming to make 2D games, myself, and I particularly like their sprite animation state machines. Game Maker might have something similar — it's been a few years since I've tried it.

        Regardless, coding isn't my forté. Still, I think the best thing to do is just dive into it — pick a language (I'm doing C# for Unity — I don't know what Game Maker uses) and follow some tutorials to learn how to read the syntax. If you do get a programmer on board, basic knowledge of coding languages can only help you collaborate more effectively.

        Don't be intimidated, man; it'll take practice, but you'll get the hang of it before too long! It'll get the ball rolling during the search for a programmer, and will make you more independent and versatile as well, in case your programmer drops out of your project (like mine did). Maybe you'll even take a shine to it and won't need as many people on your staff in the long run. Hell, Cave Story was made by a single dude — art, programming, music, and all. Plus, the fewer people you need on staff, the greater your share of the profits will be once the game releases, haha.