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Biggest pet-peeve [rant] by NamelessDork

I order a lot of art often and my biggest freaking issue is lying artists.
The white lie of, 'I'll have it done on so-and-so day' or 'It'll be finished tonight' pisses me off so much.
I get my hopes up when an artist tells me, "I'll do your commission now!" and throughout the following 24 hours I see nothing that has to do with my commission, and they post personal art, gifts for friends, or do other commissions instead, within the time they said they'd work on my commission.

This pisses me off because I'd rather be told, 'hey, I don't feel like getting to it tonight' or something that doesn't have a time'd date or the word soon in it. Because at this point I've grown accustom to the word 'soon' meaning not really all that soon when you think about it.

No this isn't directed at anyone specific, since this has happened to me with a lot of artists.
Like today. An important art I ordered is 3 days late from their estimated time of 2 weeks with an added, 'I'll finish it today' then all I see is personal art and gifts for friends.


Just needed to rant about it. Because annoyed.

Biggest pet-peeve [rant]


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    I agree with you there. I feel like such a shit person when I tell someone 'soon' and I don't finish it in a few days. how do people do that? ugh.

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      Iunno, I always try to do the art as soon as I get requested/commissioned and try to finish within a reasonable amount of time (I try for 3 days tops while putting all my effort and time into it till its done) with updates if it's gonna take longer due to health issues/computer issues.

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        Yeah that's what I try to do too. that's actually why I've stopped doing those pixels for now, I totally lost the motivation to do them.

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      ;; Was ranting because I ordered a ref sheet for my new main and have been waiting since the very beginning of this month, she gave me hope it'd be done within 2 weeks of the order, but then she never got to it till the other day (this Friday), and yesterday said she'd finish it, so I waited excitedly ALL day (she told me this around noon) and night to find she never worked on it, she instead did a commission for some one else, made a gift for a friend then did personal art.. It hurt my feelings a bit xD;

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        im sorry :c

        and im sorry if ive promised anything and didnt get it on time :c

        i know it sucks and know how it feels

        and i promise i dont mean to put stuff off.

        im sorry they did that to you :c
        whose your new main?

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          Her name is Bear, she is a Central Asian Ovcharka/mutt, I never got art of her before, so she currently doesn't exist pass the sketch of her ref sheet they made for her.

          I'm hoping it'll be finished by Monday

          And hey, I totally understand, no need to apologize! This wasn't aimed at you or anything, and I hope it didn't upset you at all :c

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            tell me when the ref is done ill do some art of her <3