DDOS Sanctuary by Nighter3D

Well. turns out both FA an Sofurry are under DDOS attack. That is just frikkin A. Apparantly somebody (or a group) figured it would be fun to shut-down as they would call it the "furf*gs". I can't continue my commissions until the attack is mitigated which let's face. Can last weeks if the ones responsible thinks it would be funny.

Anyway till then i guess i have nothing else to do but work one some the old requests and update my Weasyl account a bit.

DDOS Sanctuary


16 October 2014 at 03:26:08 MDT

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    [mini rant]
    DDOS attacks piss me off, It's such a douchey thing to do. It's sort of like pissing in the water supply. WHY? Why would you do that!?? Ugh... I really wish it was considered a more heinous crime than what most officials see it as. As when it's done to bigger sites it literally causes thousands of lost dollars.(ads, services and so on) I wish it was possible to punish those who commit as well as those who actually provide DDOS attack services with having NO access to the internet for a year or two. As well as paying a hefty fine. >,>
    [/mini rant]

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      Sorry for venting my frustration here, if you want me to hide it, or delete it yourself don't think twice about it.

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        DDOS attacks are indeed f**king annoying. Especcially if they are clearly not part of some corporate warfare tactic like this one. Like how it temporarily stopped last night, only to begin again a few hours again. Im guessing the attackers currently think they are being very funny or consider themselves champions for some f**ked up reason by attacking the sites.

        A slight issue i have with this attack tough is that FA actually put more fuel on the fire. They said stuff like "You aren't hurting us, but the artists. Hope you are happy". That is exactly want these trolls want to hear and will probably make them more determined! Just shrug it off as just another DDOS. not go pleading or trying to make them feel bad about themselves as such things make it worse :<

        Oh im not hiding your rant. People are very much justified to be pissed off at these shenanigans.

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          Oh...so putting a sentence between 2 pairs of ** makes it bold....didn't know that <_<