Life, commissions, and price changes by Tethys

First of all, our move went well! We're a little exhausted from the whole ordeal, but we love our new apartment so much. We got a new couch in last night and it's really starting to look like a real living space. The kitchen is so huge and nicely laid out, which is awesome since I love to cook! But most importantly, my studio is an amazing work space. I've covered the walls in pretty things for inspiration, and there's actual room for me to do traditional art! I have a whole table to draw at! I'm so excited, I've been so much more productive just in the few days that I've been here.

Now on to commission news! I'll be reopening tomorrow around noon EST, and I've made a few small price increases. My living expenses are a little higher post-move, so every little bit helps to keep me on top of my bills.

I've updated my commission info page with new prices and examples!

I'll also be launching a Patreon within the next week or so to help fund some sexy projects I think many of you might enjoy, so look out for that ;) I'll have more details on that soon!

And the upload flood begins now... I have about 30 pieces to upload so I may not get through it all today!

Life, commissions, and price changes


8 October 2014 at 13:50:29 MDT

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