Iron Artists OPEN - 2 slots! by sapphu

Commission Status :: Open!
Regular Art Queue ::
Iron Artist Queue ::
Total Iron Artists Completed :: 24/100 ★

★ edit: If you have not received an invoice within 24 hours of sending in a form, please note me! Google docs can be finicky sometimes.

I have two slots left on this batch of Iron Artists. <3 Please note that as of this batch, I have raised the prices a little bit as stated previously. I have been putting much,much more effort into these then I initially meant to and I want to keep being able to produce that kind of quality from here on out! Please note that there have been some changes to the Themes list too, so please give that a once over even if you already know what you'd like.

As usual, to view the theme list, examples and to place your order please go to my commission site:

Base prices: Iron - $30 ; Bronze - $40 ; Platinum - $75. Additional pricing info is on the order form. Please remember to select a theme from the Themes list listed in the above webpage.

For those wanting a little extra or something different, my regular commissions are still open. I have 2 portrait slots and 3 Speedpaint slots available at the moment; my reg. commissions are generally open unless I'm just way too full up on them. I don't have illustration slots, however, as I have a few of those to complete still. You're also of course welcome to order anything else that's on that website. I'm aiming to have this batch of Iron Artists done early October, and any new reg commissions done mid-late October.

Iron Artist Slots

May be completed out of order.</>

o1. veroro
o2. cornelius
o3. cornelius
o4. isuna
o5. isuna
o6. queef
o7. techmess
o8. techmess
o9. Xandrium

*I got a few platinums this round, so the last slot is no longer reserved solely for platinum. c:

Iron Artists OPEN - 2 slots!


28 September 2014 at 12:01:54 MDT

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