Still accepting commission work! by PhillipChanter

Hey there, just wanted to remind everybody that I'm still in need of some work, my TF2 item's sales are starting to drop, and aside from making more designs for 3D artists, I need to also do more work for funds as money is always a growing concern of mine, and I don't make enough to really be helpful. So again I'd like to ask you guys for the opportunity to work with you by giving you my art! I am not going to offer Name Your Own Price commissions any longer however, a lot of people on Furaffinity took too much of an advantage of my deal, and got $40 worth of pictures, for $5 or less...

So, here's what I'm offering:

1 character = $15, +$5 inked, +$5 colored
Multiple characters = $10 for each additional character added, +$5 inked, +$5 colored
Background = $15, +$5 inked, +$5 colored.
NSFW theme = $10 fee.
Sketch revision = First time revision of any picture is free! Any other changes will incure a $5 fee.

The Only Rules I've Got:
1: I will not draw anything relating to hateful imagery, rape, unnecessary violence, extreme gore, and anything belonging in the restroom.
2: I ask that you be descriptive if you want something complex and provide references, do not leave any details out, but please do not be overly descriptive. (Example of a great description + reference: "I want a pose of a [character] leaping off of a rooftop with lightning in the background, the rooftop background is a church and he's leaping from a cross, here is the character's design sheet and another pic somebody else drew [links to pics here], thanks and I hope to hear again from you shortly! Oh, I want some emphasis on his glove in the perspective if you can, thanks again!) .
3: You do not pay until the WIP sketch is provided! Once I have sent you the wip sketch and got your feedback for any changes you want to see, I expect payment shortly after, picture will be completed after payment.
4. You can send me e-mail at, but I do prefer notes. Just please... do not reply to this journal saying that you wish you could get a commission.

Thank you all for your time if you read all of this, I look forward to working with you!

Still accepting commission work!


26 September 2014 at 11:54:55 MDT

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