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New Art doll kick starter by NimbleBun

here we go again! Kickstarter project! I will be making a new doll. I need three investors total

the doll this time will be a hyena

Hyena: this doll will be as large as my werewolf doll . I personally love making large dolls now. The inspiration for this hyena will be from african tribal masks. So it'll look fairly ominous and unfriendly. I want to treat the face as though hes wearing a mask, but its actually his face. his eyes will be set in far inside the sockets to give the illusion of a mask. I will be attempting follow-me eyes with this one. Keyword is "attempt", so do not be upset if I can not do them for your doll. The dolls body shape will be inspired by old African art. So he'll have squat legs and a larger upper torso with long arms (think Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker). I will deco them out with some tribal look'n necklaces. I have the money to spare to buy wooden beads and some fangs.


-$80 for your slot

-paypal only. no cash. I am taking that money and ordering at

-I need three investors total or I can not do this

-You are only officially on the investor list when you send payment. I take no reservations or payment plans

-I can customize your new doll, HOWEVER, if I do not have the amount of fabric needed to make your custom, you will need to pay an additional amount so I can order the fabric in order to make your doll. With the fabric's shipping, you could be looking at easily over $30 extra dollars. So I recommend letting me make your doll to my specifications according to what materials I have available unless you're totally cool with the extra charge.

-Shipping; I ask for re-imbursement for shipping. Since these will be large dolls, over seas shipping will be in flat-rate boxes.





When my last two werewolves are finished, I will start the hyena dolls when I have the funding for the materials

please leave all questions in this journal. Don't note me (unless its really personal) your question so that other people can pan through the comments and see if their question was already answered on here ^_^

When I re-open doll commissions, I will be making custom hyenas and my werewolf dolls available for $300 + shipping.

New Art doll kick starter


28 December 2012 at 18:16:01 MST

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    kickstarter closed. all slots filled ^_^