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Everything I can do for you by SapphireScript

So here is a few testing ideas. Depending what you guys think I may create more choices and such but I just want to see if anybody is interested.

Breeding Character Designs

Not everybody knows what this is so to explain say you had this grey wolf and a blue fox, if you handed them to me I would give you back a grew fox and maybe a grey and blue wolf. The outcomes are endless.

I take two designs that are yours and combine them with line arts that I have been given permission to use and give you back some possible outcomes.

Once you have them, the designs are all yours, do whatever you want with them.

This is priced at 2 outcomes for $1.


I work with free websites so all websites made will have the tag If you want to have your website without the providers name in the title that is up to you and you will have to pay. I only make the websites.

I will create an account with your choice of username and emails and the such, to make it so you can customize it later if things change.

All you need to do is provide the information and I will build you several pages to test out and whichever you like the most I will fill out with anything you want. Be it commission info or Character personalities.

The price will vary upon the job but note me what you are looking for and I will give you a quote.

Note: I Will ask a lot of question but please be patient because I am doing it so you love it even more!

Character Designs

WARNING: Nothing is guaranteed and though I will refund your money if you do not like the outcome I will be taking the design back.

You supply me with what you are looking for and I will do my best to create something to your liking. I am not the most amazing artist in the world but I like to design things.

I will only charge $1 for a base design but if you want very intricate things it could raise the price.

Character Centered Jewelry

(Will have cooler options later)

You send me a character design, I take inspiration from it and create a object of jewelry of your choice.

I will send pictures, wait for payment then I Will ship it to you.

The cost will always include the price of materials and my labor which because I adore making it is not much.

If you do not like the outcome you have the choice to still receive it and I will try again or I will sell it myself.

I will only charge you for materials that I do not already have. (e.g. beads/findings)


For 1 CAN dollar you get 1 pages of writing.

1 Page = 1$

7 Pages = 7$

I do accept tips but only if you are happy with your story. Also if you order 5 pages and I end up giving you 8 there is no need to pay more, you are only paying what the original price is but sometimes my creativity takes a hold and the story gets a bit bigger if that's okay with you guys.

Now for what I will and won't write.


Any feral species

Any Anthro species

Any human species (Elves, mages ect..)

Any fan made character (Naruto, Hetalia, Doctor who, My little pony)

Any characters from a fan base (Naruto, Twilight Sparkle, The Doctor, Canada)

Any time period (Civil war, Alternate universe, Apocalypse )

Some Smut, I am not good at it... at all so if you order it.. it will be gentle and not very good but I will try.


I am uncomfortable with some fetishes no matter how gentle or hard they are so please make sure you fully explain them. Mind you the amount of fetishes that scare me are very little.

The way this is going to work is I will not send you the email for payment till I have finished the entire story. Then I will send you (depending on the size) The first bit to prove I have finished it then wait for payment. After it has been confirmed I will send the entire story to you and you must be specific on which document type you want. I will also be uploading these to FA/Weasyl so if you don't want to be known make sure you warn me.

So that is what I have to offer, I know it's not much and there is no examples I can give you yet but I promise to treat you right, I make an effort every day to make people happy and you can really make me happy by putting your trust in me to deliver the best I can to you.

I know I take a long time to do things but I like to take my time on everything I do, I prefer to give you the best that I can and I simply cannot do my best in short time spans. If it needs to be rushed I can do my very best but I of course can not promise anything.

So I hope you all have the greatest year you can and I hope you all have an amazing day!

Everything I can do for you


28 December 2012 at 17:54:54 MST

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