Second Guest of Honour for NordicFuzzCon 2015: EZwolf! by NordicFuzzCon

We are proud to present our second Guest of Honour, who is none other than EZwolf! Hailing all the way from Holland, he is a multi-faceted member of the furry fandom perhaps best known for the production of the first full length furry motion picture Bitter Lake back in 2011, though he has also made several other videos.

EZwolf has made his presence known among fursuiters and costumers with the creation of the EZCooldown vest which was released in 2013 at Eurofurence 19. The vest was welcomed with great acclaim and has improved the lives of many costumers and fursuiters the world over. EZwolf is also an accomplished actor and his stage presence is best remembered for his leading roles as Jordan Blake in the Eurofurence 16 production Jordan Blake and the Temple of the Four Winds, followed closely by his portrayal of Colonel Raden Drraer in Bitter Lake.

EZwolf has three suits: a black and white husky called North, a black wolf called Onyx which featured in Bitter Lake, and a realistic looking werewolf whose name is still a mystery to us. EZ will be causing all manner of mischief during the Guest of Honour events, convention and fursuiting events. If you see him around, come over and say hi!

Second Guest of Honour for NordicFuzzCon 2015: EZwolf!


18 September 2014 at 12:48:43 MDT

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