Weasyl is a Dump site by Roxanne_Fox

Hey everyone,
I love weasyl, I really do, but its absolutely useless.
Its used by almost everyone as a giant bin for dumping art. (Thus the the title "Dump site")
Old art... art which is posted elsewhere before it is posted here. In places where people actually interact, fav and comment.
Since weasyl did not open with a purpose I am afraid it will never serve as one, so please,
Please come and watch me on FA

weasyl is just too redundant, and I don't see the point.

My page is FA jumpin' with YCH, contests and other such things. i would love to met you fellow artists and admirers. Always looking to make a friend, but that doesn't really happen on here.

I will keep it open, I will be back to dump art but I don;t know if this will be come a main site due to the above circumstances.
Also.. I might add that their submission rating is harsh and frankly stupid.
A bathing suit, or a burlesque outfit needs to be rated Adult? Seriously people? WTF?
Boobs out or cocks erected is different then sexy clothing. I have 2 tickets on my weasyl because of this retarded system which is far too open to interpretation.
It is very upsetting.


Weasyl is a Dump site


13 September 2014 at 14:14:01 MDT

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