.: What Would You Be Interessted In :. by Shiko-Yote

What would you be interessted in seeing from me?
Offers, Deals, Trades and / or specific Themes? Anything, everything? I am just curious :>
Please feel free to leave your suggestions and opinions in this journal,
or note me about it if you feel uncomfortable doing so in public~
I wont bite :>


.: What Would You Be Interessted In :.


8 September 2014 at 01:24:40 MDT

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    Is this for commissions?

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      not only, anything really :> just gathering some input

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    Shiko-paws. :3

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    I, for one, would love to try a story/art collab with you someday... if you'd be up to it? :3 I tend to write best from visual stimuli (IE. making a full-fledged short story from a single image), so I may have to commission you first & foremost to get something going. Or if you'd prefer to see what I have written first... that works too. Either way, I'd really love to see something like that commence soon... your style is similar to mine, compared by a strange visual/literary contrasting. I'd imagine we could produce some serious kick-ass material as a result!

    Otherwise, I'm always ALWAYS down for some more Fallout/apocalyptic-inspired themes. You totally rock that stuff hardcore! AND... like what's been mentioned already... <3 footpaws. <3 Because you are something of a wizard when it comes to drawing 'em properly. ;D

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      Sorry it took me so long to reply! >///<; I accidently nuked all notifications -facepaws-
      I wanted to say I am totally in to your idea! We definitely should do a collab like that some time! :DDD
      I'm so flattered <3 allways the post apocalyptic stuffs <333