CLOSED for 2 Traditional Badges! by Idess

I do my traditional badges in batches of 4 and I only got 2 orders for them from RMFC, so I need 2 more to fill the space! I pretty much only offer my badges to those attending the conventions I also attend, but for these 2 special slots the badges can be shipped anywhere!

This is a RARE opportunity to get a badge from me no convention required! These badges will be SHIPPED to you when they are done.
Traditional badges are done in marker and colored pencil. They are then laminated and come with a badge clip. You are shipped the ORIGINAL artwork; these are one-of-a-kind!


TWO types:
BUST BADGE (anthro or feral): $50 + shipping
FULL BODY BADGE (feral only): $55 + shipping

Feather wings are +$5
Extra limbs, heads, or tails are +$5-$10
No large props (pets, instruments, weapons, etc) on this batch, sorry!

Shipping to anywhere in the US is +$5. Canada is +$8. Worldwide is +$18. Traditional badges MUST be shipped; no digital-version only. All badges are shipped with tracking.

Payment through Paypal only.

Comment here WITH YOUR EMAIL if you want a slot, and I'll send you an email with a form for you to fill out, and where you can send the payment!
1 per person please!
I will not start the sketch until I receive payment!
Please do not ask for a slot if you cannot pay within 3 days.

If these don't fill by later today I will be posting them on FurAffinity, this is exclusive first-offer to Weasyl and Twitter followers! :3

CLOSED for 2 Traditional Badges!


4 September 2014 at 08:50:19 MDT

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