Security is Recruiting by NordicFuzzCon

With the expected increase in attendance, there is a huge recruitment effort to be done to properly staff the Security team and cope with the duties during the next iteration of NFC.

So here is what we are looking for to join the team. Prior security experience is not mandatory, but would be an asset. Please note that if you are already within NFC crew/staff, you are of course also welcome to apply but please notify your department head.

1. Minimum requirements:

● Fluency in English to communicate within the team and with attendees.
● Ability and willingness to cover at least 6 to 8 fixed 1-hour slots during the convention.
● Willingness to remain available for emergencies and to attendees queries.
● At least one trusted advocate to vouch for one's suitability as a Security team member.
● No time-consuming tasks in other teams during the convention.
● Punctuality, reliability, ability to work independently within given rules.
● Generally calm, friendly and polite attitude.
● Responsible and respectable behaviour, even in light of a personal conflict of interests.
● Positive result of straw poll among the existing team.

2. Positive extras:

● Fluency in Swedish and/or other languages spoken by our attendees.
● Security license (e.g. UK SIA license).
● Firefighting training.
● (Para)medic training.
● All relevant experience gained either in security or as volunteer in other events (not necessarily furry) or on professional grounds.

Volunteers who join the team for the first time will be on probation for their first NFC. Upon successful evaluation after one active year at NFC, a trainee will become a full member of the team, otherwise he or she will leave the team. Of course all people within the Security team will be considered 'normal Security' by attendees and staff.

Please spread the word. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please drop me a line at security[at]

~ Clover.

Security is Recruiting


3 September 2014 at 16:22:17 MDT

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