Fursuits Completed! by WindWolf

Truck yeah! This last saturday Tsebresos and I finally finished all the fursuit commissions we took on back in May! They all turned out pretty darn nice, so keep an eye out for pictures of them soon!

This means I will be able to open my regular commissions again soon right after I finish up some other things. I'm still working on my secret fursuit (although you all probably have guessed what it is by now), and I'm hoping to be able to have some pictures of some of it up very soon. I'm going with Tes and maybe my friend Icei to SLC Comic Con this weekend so that means I'm going to be fixing up my Zim cosplay (you all remember this, right? http://windwo1f.deviantart.com/art/.....tume-335489665), and I'm super excited for it!

I tell ya, it sure feels good to be finished at last. Granted, Tes and I still have a lot to do in preparation for Unthrocon in October, but for now I feel pretty accomplished.

Fursuits Completed!


1 September 2014 at 14:42:44 MDT

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