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Not sure if I will keep using Weasyl by Roxanne_Fox

So guys, not that there are a lot of you following or looking at my artwork here on weasyl but, do you thinkthis place is worth sticking around?

I mean, I have Da, FA, FB, Tumblr, Twitter, a .com and Weasyl, and I like Weasyl... however I find that it is great for art dumping, but really thats about all.
I don't find that much interaction with comments or anything. I mean I have met only a few people here. I love them they are great friends, but thats really the only reason why I still log in. Not only that but those people are also available on FA or DA. so, I have kind of found that maintaining this account seems like a bit of a waste at the moment.

It's not because I don't post a lot of artwork here, I have 2 accounts, and I am active in the forums, however I feel it's a bit empty.
Not only empty but redundant.
I don't see the point or the need to fav and comment the same thing on the same art. I love supporting my friends and fellow artists but you know, its repetitive. This is one reason why I stopped trying to post everywhere. I think being spread out is great! But only when its to a different audience, as of now it feels stale and old. I've seen people come here and just dump tons of beautiful work! Beautiful work I have seen 4 times or more and faved in the past, already posted a comment. that means that this time I might not fav, or even look, not to mention I will not be posting the same/similar comment again. I think this is why Weasyl is the way it is.
People take the time to comment and I really appreciate that, so I leave comments as well, but doing so over and over, same art, same comment, same person, same audience, whats the point?
You know what I mean right?

All I can say is DA and FA are different in terms what can be posted, both are dump spaces for X type of art but at least they are both full of active members who don't solely dump and leave.
Tumblr and Twitter have different users as does FB, so posting on there seems less repetitive to me.
that being said I am really considering leaving weasyl or using it solely as an art dump like so many others do.
What about you? Why are you here?

Also, if you would like to stay updated and participate in my auctions and give aways please follow me on FA

Not sure if I will keep using Weasyl


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