My Big Thrill Factory outing by RentonTBuck

Boy, did I have a blast on Saturday. ^^ For most of the afternoon, I spent it with several local furs at a place called Big Thrill Factory, which has lots of attractions and games for everyone (including a rope course, a mini golf course, a bowling alley, laser tag, an arcade, rock climbing, trampolines, and a giant inflatable slide).

I did bring along my fursuit for the occasion, and it was quite interesting to try it out (I chose to go partial, since I didn't want to suffer too much in the bodysuit). The only times I got to be in suit were for laser tag and mini golf. At first, I figured that the antlers would be a problem for some things (especially laser tag), but interestingly enough, I managed it just fine, even without a spotter. I even got a chance to give many kids that were there high fives and hugs. Truly, having a fursuit is really worthwhile to bring delight and entertainment to little kids; even a couple of the parents had asked me to be in pictures with them and their children, so that was nice. ^^ Some of the kids were quite silly and not only mistook me for being a reindeer, but were also trying to tug on my antlers (not too hard, thankfully).

I hope to get involved in more events like this in the near future and get to know more of the other furs that were there, so be on the lookout for this white-tailed buck in the near future. :P

My Big Thrill Factory outing


24 August 2014 at 23:27:40 MDT

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