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pay what you want commissions open (clean and adult) by EdTheBorderCollie

yes thats right, i'm gonna do adult art again, but only for a limited time. I need to start saving up to get a new tablet pc for drawing and will be allowing adult commissions until i get it, and unfortunately doing clean art only just won't bring in enough interest.

and no it doesn't HAVE to be adult, i prefer clean actually

commission guidelines will be enforced (minus the clean only part of course), guidelines are on the front of my profile

please no comics or sequences, they take me entirely too long

everything is pay what you want, except sketches, which are $6 each, or $5 each for a sketch page (sketch pages are 5 sketch minimum ($25) 8 sketch max ($40) and an extra $5 each to ink/color any of them.

one slot per person unless slots are still available a few days after opening, sketch pages count as one slot

please supply adult refs via note, just to keep the comments on this journal clean

DizFoley - done
Mirumoto_Kenjiro - done
FlintLock-Doc - done
Nightfirer -- in progress - inking
nigjtfirer -- in progress - sketching
Spartan0-6 - sketch page (6) - done
mirashepherd -- in progress - sketching

pay what you want commissions open (clean and adult)


24 August 2014 at 08:58:52 MDT

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    you make no Tf Sequenz now one page for a Tf one?

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      for now, only because they took entirely too long, i'll probably do more in the winter, when i have a bit more drawing time.