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OPEN for Polyvore Commissions! (2 slots left!) by quaggy

Hey friends!

My commission queue is clear of all digital commissions! I have a lot more time for digital work than I do traditional (since I can do digital anywhere but need a lot of supplies and space for traditional stuff) and that leaves me with a lot of time/opportunities to work on things! I have a big personal project in the works (shhh, it's a secret!) but right now it's a lot of writing and drawing the same character over and over again. Which can be boring! So I thought it might be fun to do some more Polyvore commissions, which will also help me with making money to pay back some kind friends that helped me out back in April, when I had a family emergency. So yeah!

✧♕ Polyvore Commissions ♕✧

Polyvore commissions are officially OPEN!

✧ Polyvore commissions are fashion-centric fullbody pieces!
✧ I'll create an outfit based on your character and draw em in it.
✧ Single characters start at $40, couples are $60.
✧ Add $5 for complex markings and features per character.
✧ Want it as a digital badge? Add a name for $5!
✧ I am only offering ten (10) slots for these, so act fast!
✧ You may reserve/purchase more than one slot, if you like!

The Polyvore section of my gallery!

01. fawnspots//PAID
02. sunnyhoney//PAID
03. eclair//PAID
04. jeffandlex//UNPAID
05. synchra//PAID
06. foxjump//PAID
07. foxjump//PAID
08. chaihaii//UNPAID
09. open
10. open

To claim a slot, comment below with the following information:
Number of characters:
Describe their personal style: (ex: bookish, practical, outdoorsy)
Commonly worn clothing items: (ex: beanies, dresses, sandals)
Suggested themes: (optional! ex: punk, space, retro, kittens)
Absolutely never wears: (optional! ex: shoes, hats)
Character name(s): (optional! include this if you want a badge version)

To reserve more than one slot, please fill out a new comment per slot.

You may be asked for additional information in your confirmation email.

Once you've commented claiming a slot, I'll send you a confirmation email
containing payment information and instructions. The email will be coming
from quaggyart AT gmail DOT com, so make sure it doesn't go to spam!
I currently only accept payment via Paypal. Please do not send payment
before receiving your confirmation email.

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!
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OPEN for Polyvore Commissions! (2 slots left!)


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    I've been eyeing these, I think I'd like one...!

    Number of characters: 1
    Reference(s): (more images in my uploads too)
    Describe their personal style: Casual, relaxed-fitting, and comfortable. Warm in feel and in color.
    Commonly worn clothing items: Bomber jackets and jackets with fluffy collars, trenchcoats, hoodies, graphic tees, scarves, boots
    Suggested themes: Chilly fall...! (if that's an acceptable theme!)
    Absolutely never wears: Pants that come higher than mid-thigh, jeans clothing that is excessively ripped
    Email (REQUIRED):

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      Email sent and slot reserved! <3

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    Btw I am Noodle on here! ;) (Sync)

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      Ahhh good to know! I actually had no idea, haha. Thanks for telling me, I'll be sure to tag you appropriately when everything gets uploaded!

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        Thank youuu. c:

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    These look awesome!

    Number of characters: 1
    Describe their personal style: punk. he's chubby but wears form-fitting clothes.
    Commonly worn clothing items: skinny jeans, hi-top chucks, v-necks, studded belts
    Suggested themes: late-nite
    Absolutely never wears: loose-fit jeans, clothes that aren't black (usually)
    Email (REQUIRED):

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      Email sent!

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    Number of characters: 2

    References: (NSFW)
    Personal style: Chubby, tomboy, butch, skater fashion, geeky, computer nerd, mad scientist, hacker
    Commonly worn clothing items: Skater shirts, skinny jeans, tank tops, converse
    Absolutely never wears: Overly feminine clothing

    References: (Slightly nsfw)
    Personal style: BBW, kandi raver, Japanese street fashion, sweet lolita, bright colors, pastels
    Commonly worn clothing items: Skirts, stockings, thigh highs, hair clips, bows, lace, garter belts, ruffles, stars, Hello Kitty, mushrooms
    Absolutely never wears: dark colors

    Email (REQUIRED):

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      Hey there! I know it's been a couple of weeks since you posted this - I've been incredibly busy! This journal is from a while ago and I hadn't originally intended on taking more slots (all of the ones from this batch were finished a while ago), but if you're still interested I'd love to do this for you! I can add it to my current batch of polyvore comms easily, so it'll be finished at the same time as those.

      Let me know if you'd still like this commission! Please note that it'd be $70 for two characters rather than $60, to reflect current pricing.

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    Thanks for getting back to me! I'm still very much interested and I understand the change in pricing.

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      I feel awful that I NEVER saw this response, I'm so sorry!!! If you are somehow still interested, I can send you can email this evening and get the ball rolling on a commission for you!!