MIA from forums by Sammacha

Short, due to the journal thing happening to me. found it happens when the box stops expanding and words get hidden under the preview.
Won't be posting in the forums for a while. (or on comments/journals).
I need to find a new job. I need to find it pretty quickly so until I do I probably wont be in the forums. I have some commissions that I am working on in the middle of all this, so I'll save it and dump it in there later. Wish me luck.

MIA from forums


12 August 2014 at 20:14:51 MDT

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    Good luck, friend! ; o ; You will be missed dearly!

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      Thanks Bliss, I'm still around, I just don't have time to maintain my thread, and read other threads while searching for a job :(
      Hopefully it will only be a week or so.. hoping...

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    I hope all works out soon enough :)

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    Good luck with the job search!

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    Good luck x10000~ xD Hope you manage to get a job you enjoy, or at the very least can tolerate. :3