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False Ban / Suspension on FurAffinity. by Alfy

" Cranked-Mutt " account was banned for this reason;
My other account, " Alfy " which was made months ago. Was also banned, for "Block evasion".

I am pretty confused with the situation, as it had been resolved and ID was shown around the begning of this year.
I am fairly confused with the situation and would love for this situation to be looked into.
Months ago, TTs were sent in by a friend who has a grudge against me (now everything between us is resolved, and we get along) saying I was underage, which I am not.

My account was "Age locked" but the Proof was shown, and it was unlocked.

August 3rd, I sign in to see that I wasn't just banned, but permanently banned, as the screencap shows.

Priorities of FA Admins, are honestly, kinda messed up.
It takes them only 1 second to ban someone, but days, and maybe weeks to unban someone who is innocent.
I had been harassed, call-out journals made about me, the whole full package,
yet no action was taken against the offender, and I got banned for something foolish as this?

My Mate: My account suspension is getting lifted.
Me: How do you know..?
My Mate: Emailed dragoneer.
Me: Well, I skyped him soo..
My Mate: Replied that as long as you don't access it I'm good.

((Neither of us have gotten a reply))

Dragoneer had said to me in skype IMs: (When I was trying to get a that offender banned)

"My goal is NEVER to have a false ban. Sometimes it's better to be slow and accurate than ever ban somebody who didn't deserve it. Not that I /want/ to be slow."

But I really guess it doesn't work for my case. /:

Art is my job. Furaffinity is a site I put A LOT of time into, and I have been there for a total of 3, if not more!
Without that site, how am I going to be making a living in the near, near future? My dream of being an artist and working on there as a career, ruined because of this false perma-ban.
It makes me extremely irritated and frustrated that this has happened to me, and any help would be appreciated.
Whether you signal boost this, remind Admins that I am waiting to be unbanned and this whole situation to be resolved.

OR if you'd like to state your opinion on this journal, feel free.

False Ban / Suspension on FurAffinity.


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    Wowsies... That's messed up. I hate when ass-kissers get away with it by using the victim-card and gathering as many white-knights as possible to do that to you. As much as I want to help, my TT aren't being resolved for months, FA is going down hills, Admins ban hammer anyone if they get a lot ass-kissers against one user. Time to move back to weasyl -cracks fingers- (I've gotten one friend who used to be popufur, but it needed one attention seeker to gather hundreds of "friends" to go against him, and ruin his rep and life, he left the furry community , because those ass kissers are the real devils here)

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      I don't get why to leave the entire community though. Even then most people I've witnessed claiming to not be furries "anymore" are still furries.

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    I keep hearing about stuff like this happening on FA, and this just makes me even more certain that I shouldn't go back as tempted as I get at times.

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      I hate DeviantArt for the same reason. Many popular site admins are clearly insane. I was banned from DeviantArt for speaking out against the admins and their corruption, my comments were marked as spam to hide evidence of their behavior and my avatar reset to make it look like I voluntarily deactivated.

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    If I were you. I would get in contact with someone on the FA forums

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      Well the thing is dear, that I am contacting Dragoneer VIA Skype, and still no response.
      My mate contacted him VIA Twitter and Email. No response for him either..

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        There is a spot on the forums made for appealing bans.

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          Thank you, and as for your comment on my FA, that's not appreciated. I want to get this ban resolved.
          That's my main priority right now, and as I wait, I am working. Please refrain yourself from either assuming/being rude.

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            I'm sorry.

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              A little late now.
              I'll get the works to you as soon as I can.
              For the time being look on my Alfy account on FA for my email.
              Email me, and I'll email your work to you sometime tomorrow or tonight.

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                I feel like a dick now

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    It's LydiKitti from FA, I found this through looking on your Alfy account because I wanted to know when you'd be back.

    This whole situation sucks, and this isn't the first time Neer done something stupid from what I heard. There are multiple TTs just sitting and collecting dust, and no one cares.

    I really hope this works out for you. Sadly yes, while you can do business on other sites, FA has the most traffic...

    If you need anything, let me know and I'll try my best to help. I'm also LydiaRenee on DA, and my email is the same as my paypal email.

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      Only TTs that are easy to solve were answered. Complicated ones like art theft, harassment, scammers, are being left behind, leaving those nasty people to get away with it. I have around 5 to be answered since January. I contacted admins in forums, IRC, journal, notes, shouts, email. Nothing. If weasyl had or will have good traffic, I'd move here in a instant.

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        Yeah. I feel weasyl may have the potential once they fix things and launch out of beta

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    I hope this stuff gets fixed I miss your posts

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    This doesn't surprise me about Neer at all. Lost faith in the admins completely when they booted Bazeel off staff. Either have someone spam the hell out his FA page or light up his twitter.