Who will be at RMFC 2014?? :3 by Idess

Excited (but stressed!!) for RMFC this year, but here's a little meme again as if this stuff changes much haha! But hope to see you guys there! I'm at table #15 between :iconwolf-nymph: and :iconmitti:, I have a TON of NEW stuff that's only been seen on my twitter account so you better come by and check it out! :D I will be offering some commissions but will hopefully give myself enough time to enjoy the con, too!

Where will you be staying?
The main hotel with :iconthornwolf: and :iconetuix: (and my boyfriend)

We'll be getting in Thursday afternoon/evening, and leaving Monday morning :)

What will you be selling?
At Table #15 I will have: Mini prints, Clinging animal Magnets, whatever's left of my bookmark stock, NEW indoor stickers, NEW vinyl outdoor stickers, Sketch commissions, Sketch Badge commissions, and maybe the rare 4 digital badge commissions

Are you doing commissions?
I will be doing Sketch commissions, Sketch Badge commissions, and will offer 4 slots total of at-con digital badge commissions (aka be in line first thing Friday and Saturday morning to even think about getting one of these!)

Where can I find you?
I will mostly be at my Dealers Table (#15) throughout the day!
I will be on one panel; So You Think You Can Dog, a super fun dog game/quiz with the fine folks from the Charity, Freedom Service Dogs! We did this panel last year and had a great time so we're bringing it back :) It will be 11am on Saturday!

Will you be suiting?
Hopefully yes! I rarely get to suit at cons and each con I make it a goal to suit more so, um, I hope that will happen XD It's hard to balance suiting with Dealers work/homework

Relationship status/Can I touch you
I am in a closed monogamous relationship so please don't try and solicite me in any way! It's rude and very embarrassing/weird for me.
I'm also not much of a touchy person and while I will get caught up in the moment and hug a happy client/fan/fursuit please be aware that hugging is a bit awkward for me at best, and things like back-scritching is a horrifying nightmare. Please don't do that x)

Can I bring you stuff?
I won't take open drinks from anyone I don't know so please don't bother, and while I've done this in the past I'm also trying to stop receiving any open food from people I don't know as well. Your homemade cookies will look VERY tempting (drool), but I will decline them and please don't pressure me otherwise!
Also, I don't drink soda or alcohol or really anything fruity/fizzy so all drink bets are off on me! And no bottled water if it can be helped. I bring my own metal water bottle with me and it's my means of hydration.

Can I talk to you?
This question makes every artist laugh but it is a big deal for some people. Yes of course you can! I love talking to people and especially to fans/clients. I'm a happy and fun person and really enjoy meeting people. I do ask that you forgo your life story while at my dealers table for the sake of other customers and myself as a business-person. But please don't be too afraid to come up to me! I've had a few people say this to me and it's baffling. I'm a small, giggly, happy young woman and am anything but intimidating XD I will be SAD if you come to me after the con saying you saw me but were too afraid to approach. DON'T MAKE ME SAD, COME SAY HI.

Who will be at RMFC 2014?? :3


1 August 2014 at 13:01:45 MDT

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    Drivin' all the way from Boise, ID for RMFC :o

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      Cool! I've made that drive before, see you there! :D